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Benenden Health has served the well-being and healthcare needs of its members for over 110 years.

Early in 2015, Benenden began the journey towards a new digitisation strategy to support its 1.2 million members with access to healthcare services, including those from Benenden’s own independent hospitals and their partner providers.

The requirements were two-fold; reduce the costs and risks involved in supporting the membership, and crucially, reducing the compliance risks and administrative burden of protecting and handling of sensitive patient and corporate data.

Benenden engaged with DOQEX® to deliver a private group-wide secure electronic data exchange service, solving their secure data sharing needs while supporting the wider digitisation of branded member services.

Andrew RadiGroup CIO, Benenden

Legacy use of FTP and uncontrolled use of 3rd party sharing services risked data loss and other GDPR compliance and security issues. Administering multiple legacy systems presented additional workload for ICT; new accounts took time, and were a burden to authorise, configure and manage.

In response, Benenden engaged DOQEX® to provision a private secure data exchange service. Work began to retire all the mechanisms the group used for data sharing or file transfer and consolidate services on a decicated DOQEX® platform. Starting with key stakeholders including marketing and external providers, Benenden were able to quickly transition users to the new service.

Access to consumer cloud services could finally be black-listed and the supply chain streamlined around the DOQEX®-powered service.

DOQEX® helped Benenden make use of the API so that the Society could extend its customer facing portals to include secure data transfers. This represented a major benefit; by supporting the Society’s strategy of moving away from paper based communications, significant cost and effort savings could be made without affecting the trusted Benenden brand.

Vanessa Sharpe, Information Security Officer says “Our requirements for a secure file sharing system are all incorporated in the DOQEX® product. It meets industry security standards, project collaboration occurs in secure data rooms, a share can be immediately revoked and external parties can be issued
with secure information submission spaces. All transactions are fully audited and provide GDPR compliant processing and consent capture; it has a Data Loss Prevention facility, and comes with an API which we are deploying within our member portals as part of our digital journey.”

As project spaces proliferated and demand from partners and the supply chain grew, DOQEX’s unlimited enterprise service model enabled the Society to serve all its stakeholders without needing to repeatedly dip into budgets. By fixing costs, secure collaboration is available for everyone and there’s no need for
account sharing or rationing.

Extensive controls and configuration options are available for administrators. Everything from email and SMS templates to password policies, signatures and quotas are set within the admin interface. Control of user permissions, data rooms quotas, project teams and system resources are a given along with features including watermarked file viewing, version control, record locking, trusts and two-factor authentication for privileged users.

Benenden’s data exchange service is completely private, offering total assurance and control over data residency. Via the dedicated built-in DPO role administrators can enforce data sharing agreeements with 3rd parties and capture processing consent from users. Every action by users and every action on data is audited, providing robust and rapid responses to incidents and subject access requests.


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