DOQEX® expands to Mainland Europe
European Agreement signed for DOQEX technology
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added 11th August 2017 by Nick Case
What's new in the Cyber Criminal's kitbag?
DOQEX consultant Nick Besant talks to the Dow Jones eFinancial Newsdesk
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added 4th December 2016 by Nick Besant
DOQEX® Selected as UK Gov G-Cloud Approved Supplier
DOQEX®, a Panoplia Labs technology, is now available as a cloud service under the UK government’s G-Cloud framework.
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added 1st December 2015 by DOQEX
Professional Security News
Online security magazine reports on the success our client Benenden Healthcare Society has made of transitioning to DOQEX.
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added 20th November 2015 by DOQEX
Multi-Level Folders
FEATURE RELEASE - DOQEX® now supports multi-level folders.
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added 20th November 2015 by DOQEX
Press Release
Benenden selects file sharing technology to support their member services portal and digitisation strategy
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added 18th November 2015 by DOQEX

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