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Secure File Sharing

Easily send and collect data from anyone

Securely share and collect data

Sharing and collecting files is easy.  The DOQEX difference is that our core principles of security, trust and integrity are delivered to you via an highly flexible and configurable platform.

Share files and folders.  Simply click a button to share an individual file or folder with anyone.

Data collection and file requests.   If you want someone to send you data simply issue a data request.  Secure upload links will deposit one or more files in your chosen folder.

Automatic password protection.   Passwords can be created automatically and sent via SMS to a mobile phone or by email to a recipient.  Send password reminders or share reminders with a single click.

View only shares.  Share files without download rights.  Allow recipients to decrypt files in real-time and display them in your browser.  Embed a watermark with audit trail and user identifiers to deter breaches by screenshots and cameras.

Automatic address book.  Maintaining your contact address book is automatic.  DOQEX keeps track of contacts, email addresses and mobile phone numbers so exchanging data is easy.

Notifications keep you informed.  Choose the event notification you require for users and divisions.  Select digest emails or immediate notification of download and upload activity. 


Secure and Controllable

All data is encrypted at rest and in transit.   All data processing is via ISO27001 compliant mechanisms and FIPS 140-2 approved encryption algorithms. Click here for more details on our security processes.

Automated File and Share Expiry.   Never forget to clean up files. Set policies to apply compulsory expiry times for all files and shares.  Limit the maximum time shares and files are available.

User roles and permissions.   Grant user roles and permissions. Whether at the individual, division or system level you remain in control of user rights, quotas and authentication methods.

Limit and revoke download rights.   Control how many downloads share recipients are allowed. Remove or extend download rights at click of a button.

Audit and Reporting.  Knowing who did what, with whom and with what data is a core principle for information security.  Company Managers have access to the audit trail and report scheduler for their projects.

Share from the Network and Desktop

Map Network drives.  Your network drives and folders (SMB/CIFS) can be mounted directly into DOQEX.   Avoid the need to duplicate data and improve user productivity. 

Virtual File Stores.   Mount any external or internal filestore into DOQEX.   Whether that’s FTP, SMB/CIFS or webstores you can choose scanning frequencies, write permissions and mount points.

Microsoft Office Plugin.   Share directly from Word, Excel and Powerpoint.  With a single click users can upload files to your private DOQEX service, set a password, create a download link, send the link to a contact and send the password via text message to their mobile phone.

Microsoft Windows Client.  Upload files directly to DOQEX from Windows Explorer.  Right mouse click, select “Send to DOQEX“.   It’s that simple.

Linux / Python Client.   Upload files directly to DOQEX from your favourite shell or anywhere you have python installed.  Build scripts or your own python programs to send data directly to your DOQEX service.