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In April 2014 DOQEX® began assisting business units within the council including Legal Services, Child Transport, Finance, Emergency Planning and the Executive.

DOQEX® was deployed prior to the 2014 Tour de France in Yorkshire, to enable multiple agencies including the Local Authority, Police, Fire and Rescue, Rivers and Canals, the Executive and other stakeholders to securely collaborate and share large amounts of confidential documentation. The council has now deployed the DOQEX® Enterprise suite including secure email, secure project spaces, file sharing and data loss prevention across all business units and agencies.

The DOQEX® platform has also provided a programming interface to enable the Digital Services teams to generate revenue by deploying private, branded secure email and file sharing features to their affiliated partners.

DOQEX® replaces McAfee Ironmail and a range of previously unauthorised file sharing services like Dropbox, iCloud and Google Drive. The provision of secure email encryption and project spaces facilitates easy and secure collaboration between the council, agencies and their customers.

Roy Grant, Head of IT at the council says “our key requirements for a secure data sharing system are incorporated in the Doqex platform. It meets PSN and HSN co-co security standards, shares can be immediately revoked and all transactions are fully audited and viewable by the user as

well as the system administrator. DOQEX® allowed consolidation of our secure email platform whilst including a data loss prevention facility and API which the Council can incorporate within its applications.”

Roy GrantHead of ICTCity of York Council

The flexible licencing model for DOQEX® technology enabled the Council to extend secure email and file sharing services to every user and business unit without rationing security or stressing tight budgets. In addition to enterprise wide deployment, revenue is also generated by using the DOQEX® platform to provide council-branded services into external agencies and partners.

User acceptance has been key to the success of DOQEX®. Roy Grant says “DOQEX® is an easy and intuitive application to use. The flexibility of the system allows staff to share files and collaborate on projects securely via our DOQEX® Web portal or via the Council’s standard email client and the DOQEX® Secure Email Gateway.”

DOQEX® processes email via a powerful policy table offering end-to-end encrypted secure email, attachment conversion, secure routing and DLP. Although the Outlook plugin is popular, DOQEX® technology is accessible via any mail client, including Office365, without the need to deploy plugins; a major benefit when planning desktop deployments or infrastructure cloud migrations.

Roy GrantHead of ICTCity of York Council

DOQEX® has proved highly configurable. Everything from email and SMS templates, to site footers and stylesheets are under the control of administrators. Business units, projects and partners can be segregated whilst the DOQEX® API provides efficient integration options. Simon

Donnelly, Digital Services Manager at the council says “DOQEX’s comprehensive API enables CYC to integrate it into a number of key future products, providing a familiar and proven functional layer to our users with minimal development overhead.”

DOQEX® was designed by security researchers and penetration testers. Based in Yorkshire, England, DOQEX® offers an agile and flexible pedigree that delivers trust, security, efficiency and innovation.


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