Security As A Utility

Our Single Price Plan includes every product and feature: Secure email, Secure File Sharing, Project Spaces, Data Loss Prevention and Secure Workflows & Business Integration.

What you pay is based on DataOps. A DataOp is a single process by the service. For example: Uploading, downloading, moving, inspecting, quarantining a file, processing an email via security policy and so on. As a guide, a typical portal person uses approximately 1 DataOp per day.

3 Simple Steps


Set Your Usage

Select how many DataOps you expect to use monthly.


Set Your Duration

Set your anticipated contract duration of 1,2 or 3 years.


See Your Price

If you like your estimated monthly investment, get in touch!

Price Estimator

A TYPICAL PORTAL USER USES:   1 DataOp/day (30/month).

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One Price. All Products

Unlike per user pricing models (and budget limitations), it can often mean that you buy what is essential, rather than what you desired. With the DOQEX Data Exchange Suite, we don’t believe you should compromise. That’s why every product in our suite is available to you under a simple pricing model based only on what you consume.

Designed for Unexpected Change

Because life is unpredictable, you can also exceed your monthly consumption by up to 25% without penalty. Our Flex Service Promise helps you keep your costs predictable without rationing your security!

Pricing FAQ

DataOp = an operation or action upon Data.

This is a count of how much your DOQEX service gets used. A DataOp includes:

  • Uploading, downloading, moving, inspecting, quarantining a file
  • Processing an email via security policy, e.g. stripping an attachment, encrypting an email, adding a watermark, etc.

DataOps are initiated by any of the entities connected to your DOQEX service. This includes portal users, your customers, your partners, email clients, an API call, external services such as AWS, sFTP, CIFS and so on. Larger files may need more DataOps

Each DOQEX customer uses DOQEX differently. Their workflows are specific to them and their customer and partner ecosystems.

Charging according to your headcount might be simple but it’s a blunt tool and leads to uncertainty in billing and over-provisioning of licences to ensure coverage.

It makes no sense for a customer who needs to protect a back-end system sending thousands of emails a week from a single email address.

It makes no sense for a customer with 5000 staff but where 90% of them would rarely need the service.

With DOQEX, pay for what you use.

DOQEX services are priced according to tiers of DataOps.

Delivering the DOQEX Data Exchange Suite to you consumes infrastructure, compute, network and human resources (consulting, support and development personnel). This is what you pay for.

Our Service Agreement with you will include a ‘commitment to consume’ – i.e. you pay for a certain amount of DataOps per month.

If you consume more, no problem, we do not throttle the service. We never turn a user away. We never stop securing messages because you are having a busy quarter. 

Should you exceed your contracted usage (by no more than 25% in any 90-day period) that’s fine. Above this, we’ll contact you to identify the right consumption tier.

Whilst DOQEX doesn’t charge per user, it is possible to estimate your usage based on the number of users you have. As a rule of thumb, the average user uses 1 dataOp per day

1,000 users = 1,000 DataOps per day = approx. 30,000 DataOps per month

Therefore, we recommend you select 25k DataOps in the Price Estimator 

If you are still unsure, please get in touch and we’ll quickly help you understand what you will need.

None. Within reason and fair use, DOQEX services are elastic.

Yes. Multiple year commitments provide:

  • a reduction in the unit price.
  • a fixed price for the term of the contract.

Yes. We can and do, especially to support ephemeral projects like mergers and migrations.

Get in touch and tell us what you need.

You don’t need to. DOQEX services are elastic, when you need to use a feature we will configure it for you.

No complex licencing. You don’t need a qualification in software licencing in order to buy a DOQEX service.

We operate on the kebab model. You can have your service with just the meat or with everything on!

You don’t need to. There are many ways DOQEX has for creating accounts but we don’t charge for them. Even if you end up with thousands of external securemail recipients it doesn’t matter.

Accounts creation can be automatic, self-service initiated, actioned by admins, by API calls or external events and triggers.

Bottom line is that everyone who needs to has access to the service. Our model is that security should not be rationed; the days where a dept is short of licences can only send securemail on a Tuesday or Thursday are over!

Yes. We love a good project so get in touch, let us know what you need to achieve it.

DOQEX is particularly good at solving legacy workflows; we understand change is hard but we’re here to help reduce uncertainty and gain the data necessary to inform your stakeholders.

Of course. Click here to get a standard account on a DOQEX branded portal.

Nothing at first. DOQEX doesn’t ration security so service limits are soft; customers make as much use of the system as they need without licence issues or the need to fret about budget.

We will be in touch if we monitor any demand outside what is expected for your service – if it’s a temporary change – no problem.

We do not limit or throttle your service usage – even if you are using more than your tier, DOQEX won’t hold you to ransom.

Of course. Get in touch and we will work out what’s suits you.

If it’s a temporary change – no problem. We do not limit, throttle or ration your service – even if you are using more than your tier, DOQEX won’t hold you to ransom.

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