Secure Data Exchange redefined

DOQEX redefines its Secure Data Exchange

Press Release

York – 1st June 2024 – DOQEX is excited to announce the launch of its new managed Secure Data Exchange and re-designed website, The Secure Data Exchange represents DOQEX’s most disruptive move in the data security market, aiming to win over new customers with its unique value proposition.

Highlights include:

  • A unique managed security proposition based on “predictable consumption” and not “per user licensing”
  • A single pricing model that gives organisations access to all products and features without restriction
  • The ability to boost your monthly usage by 25% without penalties.
  • A solution that delivers “predictable consumption” to help businesses budget better
  • A re-branded website to focus on our “one price, all products” approach
  • A new “2-button press” pricing tool to estimate your budget

Nick CaseFounder

“We believe that the data security market needs a fresh alternative to the traditional modular and user-based pricing models,” said Nick Case, Director. “Many organisations struggle to manage the big vendors with whom, once you’re on the hook, budgets, licences and support come under increasing pressure. DOQEX does all that differently, we’ve done away with this approach to provide everything under a cost-effective fully-managed service.”

“Through our new product proposition, we aim to address what admins and budget holders have been crying out for, added Nick. “By treating security more like a utility, customers will see faster results and achieve greater value.”

“The DOQEX website has also been completely re-designed, making it simpler to find, understand and value our security offer.” 

Visitors are encouraged to explore the website and discover for themselves what products are available  and equally important, how much they actually cost. We think they’ll be nicely surprised. 

About DOQEX:

DOQEX is an innovative data security company focused on delivering highly secure and reliable email, file-sharing and workflow solutions to private and public sector organisations. Based in York, England, DOQEX supports a wide range of clients across the UK and Europe.


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