About Us

Our Story

We’re IT security geeks.  Born and bred.

We are experts in data protection, information security, testing and compliance.

We constantly monitor threats, meticulously manage storage and create layers of protection with one aim in mind – keeping your business moving and collaborating safely, securely and under control.

DOQEX was created in 2013 with the merger of two information security organisations. Securability – performed security testing and training, and Panoplia – delivered standards compliance consultancy for ISO27k, PCI-DSS, IG and Data Protection.

Like many businesses, it was a happy accident that brought us together through our shared passion for IT security. 

About Us

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the partner of choice for Cyber Security, Data Protection, Privacy and Risk Management. We will do this by championing and delivering the very best technologies, expertise and practices to corporations and organisations across the UK and Europe.

Using our managed service approach, we will create lasting trust and partnerships through close collaboration, achieving strategic success for our customers.

Our Mission

To provide an unrivalled managed service to businesses, regardless of their size, using the best IT security tools and services without compromising on price.

To make the adoption and delivery of IT security as quick,  simple and frictionless as possible.

Being innovative in our approach to services, we will help redefine how security, quality and value for money can be delivered.

Our Values

We will work ethically, professionally, impartially and honestly with all our customers to build lasting trust.

We believe in looking after our clients for the long term. We will be accountable for our work and always communicate quickly and clearly.

We are creative in what we do. Seeking out ever better ways to protect clients, improve value and remove barriers to adoption.

Our goal is to make a difference. Keeping the customers’ interests first, we will strive to help them get more done, in less time and la lower cost.

And Six Promises

We want to deliver a unique and unrivalled data security service to you. To achieve this, we have looked long and hard at what we can do both better and differently so that everyone wins.

1.  A first class managed service
Whilst we are happy for you to manage your own data security suite, experience has taught us that we can almost always do what you need both faster and better. So use us.

2.  Fast, fuss free delivery
Most deployments can be done at pace. Normally in less than a day. Sometimes in an afternoon. Whatever your situation, we’ll help you step by step and get you operational quickly.

3.  Rapid expert support by real people
We’re not fans of invisible support processes. Whether you seek our help by phone, form or email, we’ll answer quickly and have someone available to speak to whenever you need us.

4.  Boost your monthly usage by up to 25%
Rather than buying new user licenses or upgrading, if you go over your contracted usage (by no more than 25% in any 90-day period) that’s fine. No penalty, no charges, no problem..

5.  Access to all our core products without restriction
We don’t believe you should compromise your security. So, every core product we offer is available to you. No user licences, add-ons and upgrades. Just one price based on data usage alone.

6.  Loyalty rewards & benefits
We truly value trust and loyalty. That’s why we now provide our multi-year customers with additional free consultancy and resources.

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