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Data Loss Prevention

Inspect and Filter email

DOQEX provides your organisation with flexible policy tools to help prevent both the inadvertent or malicious loss of data via email.

File Type Filtering.  Filter email attachments based on file types or content.   Create rules to block data from exiting your organisation.   Our intelligent filtering analyses files and is immune to re-naming!

Keyword Inspection. Automatically inspect email content and filter on keywords. Catch misuse and protect your employees, your projects, executives and customers.

Document Embargo. Block whole documents or even sections of a document.  Highly effective fuzzy-hash matching algorithms match email content against embargoed files.   Protect customer lists, project plans, databases and more.

Attachment Protection. Automatically send attachments via DOQEX, or convert them to compressed containers such as zip files.

Password Protection. Password protect attachments and send passwords automatically by SMS text message.

Rules and Alerts. Highly configurable rule-based actions which can be applied to both sender and recipient domains. Alert, drop, silent drop, forward – everything is logged and auditable.