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Novuna (Mitsubishi) UK. Secure Deal Rooms​

Deal Rooms. A deal room is perfect whether you are undergoing an audit, require a project spare for partners or a secure space for advisers. 

Collecting Data. Gathering data either en-masse or on an ad-hoc basis is easy.  Deal room managers control secure links that allow data to be uploaded directly to deal room folders. 

Audit trail. Each deal room has it’s own discrete audit trail allowing managers to see and report upon every data movement and member action during the deal.

Permissions.  Powerful permissions model allows full control over the rights of every user.  Set different permissions for different folders or stick with the defaults.  Restrict sharing, editing, storage quotas, file size, data lifetimes amd more.

Version Control.  Detect new document versions, roll-back or export previous versions as new files.

File locking.  Lock files to prevent viewing, download or editing. Edit the default behaviour of file locks so that file locking does exactly what you require.

Membership Control ​

Anyone can be a member. Create multiple deal rooms and add members from any organisation.  Bring auditors, partners, suppliers and customers into project specific data rooms.

Project Managers. Allocate project owners and managers who control who can see and do what with the data.

Data Sharing Agreements.  Mandate data sharing agreements between you and your partners. Generate acceptance certificates and maintain a log of informed consent.

Subject Access Requests.  Easily generate SAR’s for any project member. With a single click a report is available for download or secure sharing with your DPO.


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