Whose email is it anyway?

Whose email is it anyway?

Microsoft has once again changed Exchange Online and it feels increasingly hostile.

If you thought the internet was democratic, with open and published standards, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Microsoft disagree.  Perhaps it really is better that they decide how email works. Not just your email but everyone’s.

Apparently the reason is fraudsters and hackers; however if hackers are such a problem, why do Exchange Online (EOL) connections still not allow full-TLS from inception? Yes really!

In our opinion this is about making it harder to use 3rd party email services. By grabbing control over email and reducing options for customers it will boost revenue for add-on exchange services.

Despite this DOQEX services are ahead of the game and have designed the DOQEX Email Gateway so that integrations with Exchange Online will still pass their hurdles and be enabled by the Microsoft back-end team.

No doubt the goalposts will move again however DOQEX will continue to deliver proper security, choice and expertise on our own merits – not that of a monopoly.

[1] https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/exchange/mail-flow-best-practices/use-connectors-to-configure-mail-flow/integrate-office-365-with-an-email-add-on-service

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