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Version 4 Upgrade

Release and Support Information

What is Happening?

DOQEX has upgraded the user interface across all product lines.

Version 4 (“v4”) is now default for all customers and all end-users of any DOQEX service.

This page provides information about the upgrade, how to enable it and the support arrangements.  Further details can be obtained from DOQEX Support, your DOQEX reseller or account manager.

Release and Support Schedule

DOQEX v4 release and version 3 retirement occur by the following schedule:

Service Line

Available Date
(v4 becomes default for all new services)

v3 Transition Support Period

v3 Support
End Date


1st April 2019

6 months

30th September 2019

File Sharing
Project Spaces

30th June 2019

6 months

31st December 2019

Administrator Controls

30th June 2019

6 months

31st December 2019

About Version 4

  • The v4 upgrade is a change to the user interface only. System functionality and service operations, mail transport rules and service configuration will remain unchanged.
  • The upgraded DOQEX user interface (“version 4, “v4”) is the result of extensive analysis of our support ticket history and the customer feedback programme.
  • The v4 upgrade incorporates modern design practices so that DOQEX version 4 is a more familiar interface to users of modern web applications. This is especially useful for ephemeral users of DOQEX such as infrequent Securemail recipients.
  • V4 is faster. The codebase has undergone extensive optimisation resulting in an improvement to page response time of between 2 to 10 times.
  • As well as speed improvements version 4 it is easier to patch and keep secure whilst providing customers greater flexibility and control over branding.

How to enable version 4

How to Enable v4 – Download Admin Guide

  • Version4 will already be installed within your service, it just needs enabling.
  • Enabling v4 only requires that the administrator of your DOQEX node switches it on for your service.
  • It takes 5 minutes and the change is reversible. No data is processed (moved, deleted or accessed) and there is no downtime.
  • Since the code for v3 and v4 coexist within DOQEX you can alternate between versions at any time agreed with the node administrator.
  • No technical action is required from customers to affect the transition; all technical measures will be executed by DOQEX or the DOQEX Node administrator (e.g. reseller admin, customer on-premise).
  • Enabling v4 may involve non-technical actions for customers; primarily end-user communications and possible changes to end-user instruction guides.
  • End user estates that contain older non-supportable or non-standard web browsers are requested to engage with DOQEX early so that compatibility of the browser estate with v4 can be tested.

Version 3 Transitional Support

Prior to the v3 Support End Date DOQEX requires customers to have either:

  1. Enabled version 4, or
  2. Agreed a custom support package

DOQEX is providing free migration and transition support to all customers for a period of 6 months from the release date of v4 for their service line.

Migration and transitional support includes:

  • Providing support and assistance to administrators, managers and end-users for the purpose of previewing and testing of v4.
  • Consulting and implementing any service configuration changes that may be desired or appropriate for the customer.
  • Discussing and implementing any stylesheet or branding changes.
  • Consulting upon and helping to create and distribute communications to end-users and customers about the upgrade to v4.

DOQEX has ceased development on version 3, therefore feature requests are permanently closed for v3. After the Support End Date, no patches or updates will be made to the codebase for version 3. 

If you are concerned that this may apply to your organisation you must notify us at least 30 days prior to the support end-date in order to ensure an appropriate support package is in place prior to support ending. We regret that unless a support package is in place for your organisation DOQEX v3 will not be available to you after the support end-date.

Further Information

Please contact DOQEX support, your DOQEX account manager or DOQEX reseller.

Download v4 Upgrade Information