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DOQEX® WEB and Email available on all Cloud services


Secure file sharing has never been easier.

With a DOQEX® CLOUD service everything is handled for you.

Suitable for smaller teams, your services will be delivered from our secure UK datacentre.

Simply agree a user plan with us and we'll do the rest.

There are no long term contracts (unless you wish to take advantage of a discount!); simply pay monthly or quarterly or annually.

Both our DOQEX WEB and DOQEX Email products are available as DOQEX Cloud Services, so there's no reason to be in doubt about your security.


For those businesses requiring more control over their service.

Our premier service provides access to all features, and offers dedicated cloud platforms that can be branded in the same way as your other services.

If you wish to manage multiple business units, or you wish to take advantage of what the DOQEX API has to offer then you need our premier service.

Depending upon your plan, you can create as many users as you need, publish company documents, company address books, distribution lists and project spaces (data rooms).

Both DOQEX® WEB and DOQEX® SERVER are available as a cloud premier service which opens up the full range of features and controls to your business.


For the ultimate in security, flexibility and control, our enterprise service allows your organisation to deploy DOQEX® without limitations.

We believe that security shouldn't be rationed, which is why our enterprise service allows you to offer services to all sections of your business without worrying about additional user fees and your budget.

There are no plans, simply a fixed annual service fee.

An Enterprise Cloud service is built according to the availability, storage and performance requirements of your organisation.

DOQEX® offers high availability solutions delivered by multiple nodes incorporating load balancers, clustered datastores, shadow standby nodes, and monitoring nodes.

A DOQEX® Enterprise Cloud service is extremely flexible and can evolve with your changing needs to ensure you can provide secure high performance services to your users.


For those businesses wishing to host their own DOQEX® service.

This service takes our DOQEX Enterprise Cloud products and deploys them within your own environment.

You enjoy all the benefits of an unlimited enterprise service, but you retain complete control over hosting, location and network connectivity.

DOQEX® In-House services can be built in virtual or physical environments. Just provide the platform and we'll do the rest.

For scalability and performance the range of appliances includes full-stack DOQEX® nodes for WEB and EMAIL, load balancers, database clusters, shadow nodes and monitoring nodes.

Implementation and management of your DOQEX® Enterprise Cloud service is conducted by our engineers in partnership with your ICT project team.

Professional services packages include administrator, user and helpdesk training, API developer workshops, migration and integration support.

DOQEX® WEB and Email available on all Cloud services
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