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Project Spaces

Secure online deal rooms and workspaces

Simple controllable workspaces

Project Spaces offer a private controllable resource pool of documents for you and your collaborators.  It’s simple and easy to create secure spaces for your suppliers, partners, customers and colleagues.

Unlimited project spaces.  Simply click a button to request a project space or grant users the right to create as many project spaces as they need.

Add members from any organisation.   Anyone from any organisation can join a project space. Project Managers control project members themselves without the need for administrators. 

Access control and authentication.   Select appropriate authentication methods for your collaborators.  Choose passphrases, tokens via SMS, single use links, AD sync/auth or a published standard like SAMLv2 or OpenID.

Simple, secure file sharing and collaboration.  Store content securely, organise roles, access rights and project permissions.

Work and share securely from your desktop.   No need to rely upon shared network file systems. Move files between windows file explorer and project spaces at click of a button.


Useful and flexible features

Data submissions and file requests.  Bringing data into your project from outside is simple. Create persistent project wide or individual information submission links, publish them and receives data directly into the specified folders.

Version Control.  Enable file version control and automatically file variants are tracked.  View, select and restore previous versions or copy out any version as a new file.

Flexible file locking.   Lock a file with a single click. Project Managers decide what effect locking a file has including restricting downloads, file viewing and sharing. 

Notifications to keep you in touch.  Choose the conditions and members you wish to notify of events. Select digest emails or immediate notification of download and upload activity. 

Audit and Reporting.  Knowing who did what, with whom and with what data is a core principle for information security.  Project Managers have access to the audit trail and report scheduler for their projects.

Control your shared information

All data is encrypted at rest and in transit.   All data processing is via ISO27001 compliant mechanisms and FIPS 140-2 approved encryption algorithms. Click here for more details on our security processes.

Granular permissions.   Set permissions right down to the individual user and folder level or work with project wide permissions. Control rights to edit, share, view, create sub-folders, storage & file size, file locking, deleting and moving data.

Control document viewing.   Specify documents for viewing only and remove the right to download.  Embed audit trail and identifier watermarks in document views so you further deter breaches by screenshots and cameras.

Control document retention.   Enforce policies for time limits on document lifetimes. Set a TTL before automatic shredding and data destruction.

Control share policies.   Set share lifetime policies on a per division or project basis. Allow users only to create shares within limits specified.

Limit and remove download rights.   Control how many downloads share recipients are allowed. Remove or extend download rights at click of a button.