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Education and Childcare

"DOQEX delivers all the council's securemail and secure data sharing services from our own server farm. Their support and expertise is first-class; as is the flexiblity and cost effectiveness of the DOQEX solution."
Roy Grant
Head of IT
"Our first use of DOQEX was to enable a national project to securely return data from over 55,000 schools. We'd spent 6 months fiddling with Microsoft tools trying to achieve what DOQEX configured in less than a day."
Matt Holmes
Head of IT

Child Protection and Data Collection

Protection for email.   Securemail processing can occur automatically or be based upon content or triggers.  Manual user-action methods such as those available when using the DOQEX Outlook plugin allow for user message recall in addition to admin or service desk recall capabilities.

Private Project Spaces.  Discrete teams working in different organisations require secure private data spaces to co-ordinate actions and gather evidence.  These spaces must be trusted and auditable with complete assurance over data location, backup and retention.  

Data Collection.  Gathering data either en-masse or on an ad-hoc basis is easy.  Deal room managers can issue secure links that allow data to be uploaded directly to deal room folders.  Folder structures and user permissions offer a rich range of flexible options for organising data that fits with the needs of your project.

Virtual File Stores.   As well as presenting data from external or internal stores in DOQEX, data present in Project Spaces can be written back to those same external or internal filestores.