DOQEX® Products
Secure sharing using the web and by email


Our core product, DOQEX® WEB enables users and businesses of any size to securely share data with anyone.

Using any modern web browser, your users can take control over their data, securely collaborate and share sensitive data in our easy-to-use service.

From secure data rooms to folder sharing, distribution lists to self-destructing files, there are a huge range of options catering for everyone from sole traders to the enterprise.

Choose a DOQEX® service plan and we'll help you meet your secure data needs.


DOQEX® Email provides a simple method for securing email.

Our patent pending process allows users to securely send attachments by doing nothing.

That's right; users don't need to change a thing - simply email attachments in the usual way.

It's as easy as that!

There are no websites to login to, passwords to remember or keys to exchange.

Since DOQEX® EMAIL works without plugins (although we provide them too) it works on every email client whilst reducing the burden on IT teams.

DOQEX® EMAIL gets really clever when integrated with DOQEX® WEB to deliver a powerful range of configuration options, including attachment recall and attachment stripping alongside captive email portals and Data Loss Prevention content filtering.

Select a service plan and build out your needs from there.

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