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Veilige uitwisseling van documenten
Bescherm e-mail, bestandsdeling en gegevensverzameling.

Wanneer informatie privé moet worden gehouden

With DOQEX you can protect all your data movements with one secure document exchange platform.

Whatever the data and whoever you need to share it with DOQEX provides an easy, flexible, trusted service.

Wanneer compliance en vertrouwen essentieel zijn

Trust DOQEX to support your GDPR / AVG journey and earn the confidence of your customers, partners and auditors.       

Built with ISO27001 compliance principles and an evidence quality, indelible audit trail, DOQEX provides simple trusted mechanisms to deliver and demonstrate GDPR compliance.

Secure Email

DOQEX will secure email sent by systems or by users and secure attachments or the whole email.

DOQEX’s powerful policy-based mail processing engine provides the most flexible controls available no matter what email infrastructure you use.

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Private File Sharing

Imagine your own private Dropbox service. Completely secure and indistinguishable from your own brand. 

Your DOQEX service will provide all the good features of dropbox, sharepoint and other file transfer portals but without the hassle.  You are in control. 

A white-label DOQEX platform is the closest you’ll get to a custom system without development. 

Share directly from Microsoft Office

Save time and improve productivity by sharing files directly from Excel, Word and Powerpoint.

With a single click users can upload files to your private DOQEX service, set a password, create a download link, send the link to a contact and send the password via text message to their mobile phone.

Of course, everything is audited and the notifications, address book and recall options are all there too!

Automated Security

Applying security by policy allows user to get on with their work whilst reducing the most common sources of error.

  By being human, users are fallible. We forget to click buttons, struggle to pick passwords and all to often send data to the wrong person. 

DOQEX defines mail processing rules at the mail gateway, there is no need to rely upon or require any action or decisions from users.

Host anywhere - physical or virtual

Knowing where your data resides is a crucial infosec control and your DOQEX service can be run from anywhere you choose.  

Whether that is with your managed service partner, from your own data-centre or from DOQEX nodes located across the globe.

Whichever location you choose, you know and control where you data is.

Trusted around the World