I want more emails!

“I want more emails!”, said no-one ever.

Keeping track of user activity can be a fun task for Data Protection Officers. Add in another system to that, and your inbox load keeps going up. We helped a struggling DPO team reduce their workload with new reporting and summary features.

DOQEX keeps audit records for anything involving viewing, changing, sharing, or adding data. It’s very flexible, and can also email you when any of these things happen. This had been working successfully for a DPO at one of our customers for a few years – seeing an email whenever data they cared about was accessed.

Unfortunately, things changed one week when they added another 20,000 customers to the service. The email alerts from our system, while still useful, became overwhelming for the DPO. Things needed to change.

Fortunately, we care very much about feedback from our customers. We set up a meeting, and within a week we had a solution ready; a special new report was created, that would summarise all the information the DPO needed. They could just log in and view this whenever they wanted.

This worked fine for a few weeks, but everyone knows it’s hard to form new habits. The DPO was forgetting to log in and get their report. Could we add some way for them to receive it automatically? No, we said (we like to be helpful): there’s already a button for that. Any report can be run on a schedule and emailed to whoever needs it.

Incidentally, the new report also became available to all our other customers as well.



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