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How not to be confusing

“It’s not changed in years… ” said Mike from devops, “the process is the same.”

Just click the link, dismiss the warning, click run, click ignore, scroll down, accept the terms, enter your email address, create a password and then reply …”

So, how many people used the securemail service last year? Clients have been emailing the contact address with their data.” asked the CIO.

we won’t get useful stats without the A3 upgrade and audit module” said Mike, “perhaps the reason why clients keep emailing us their personal data is because the current process doesn’t support mobile devices, it was only a stop gap whilst we waited upon budget to extend the order system.”

This is a conversation we were party to at a client before they started using DOQEX.

The CIO was rightly concerned that customers were emailing finance information to an address scraped from the corporate website despite being sent links to a webmail platform. Applications were slow and there were errors; a poor experience all round and it was hurting business.

We suggested direct login links. These are configurable links to one of the client’s own domains which are instantly more trusted than one from a random US software vendor. Customers simply click the link and their inbox to a client-branded webmail portal opens in a browser. The links can be styled as a button and TTL, IP and use-bound admin controls applied.  It’s all cross platform and device agnostic.  There are no plugins, passwords or usernames required.

All the client had to do was create a dns record and forward email via the DOQEX email gateway service.  We would manage the rest.  Audit trail and API included.

Mike was sceptical at first, he only needed budget for another 12 weeks of team time before they could beta-test data collection requests via the order system. It only took a few hours exploring our API playground before Mike was confident they could add data request features to their order system, using just 6 lines of code!!  Success.