Protecting the most private data

Medical data is perhaps the most private data you can hold on an individual; with DOQEX you gain a private service with your own trusted brand for exchanging it. 

Correct handling is crucial.  A single mistake can have serious negative consequences for you, your customers and your organisation. With DOQEX, you can take user actions out of the loop to improve security, reduce errors and simplify workflow.

Some words from our customers

"DOQEX was selected as a cost-effective solution that both met Benenden's secure data sharing requirements and completely preserved our brand identity."
Andrew Radi
Group CIO
"The DOQEX API and potential for integrating future services was the icing on a compelling business case."
Ed Bellamy
"DOQEX's ability to provide multiple identities for each of our brands was essential for maintaining customer confidence as we migrated from several legacy systems to the new secure data exchange service."
Michael Goodman
Information Security Officer
"DOQEX allows us to exchange patient referral data both with our service delivery partners and major customers. Securing email from our automated systems via policies eliminates user error and promotes customer confidence."
Chris Humphries
Business Systems Manager

Protection for automated systems

Your existing systems may be good at collecting data but how flexible are they at moving it?  

Perhaps you are sending email from your case management system or manually adding passwords to documents?

There is no need to reach out to developers or commission vendor changes.  Leave your systems in place and bring DOQEX into the mail chain.  You are then in control and can choose how to secure those automated outbound email communications. 

Simple and Secure. 

Secure referrals and collaboration

You generate data directly but also need to pass data outside your organisation.  How do you do that?  In the past your systems may have emailed referral details or batch processed via sFTP. 

Securing and administering such systems is usually difficult and time consuming. Ensuring data can reach our colleagues, customers, insurers and providers is essential, we cannot help our customers in isolation.

Securely exchange data with anyone

Service providers often rely upon self-employed practitioners. That’s great, but how do you send instructions to them when all they have is an old laptop and a hotmail address?

By routing your mail through DOQEX you can safely and simply secure communications with anyone.   No need to buy and manage devices, just send email and configure DOQEX to do the rest.