Build your own
Quickly enable secure file handling via the DOQEX® API

Easy to use API

Easy to Use

Your development team can be up and running quickly.

The DOQEX® API is easy to use and has built-in documentation.

We've got reference implementations in Python and JavaScript to get you started.

API integration

Secure Integration

DOQEX® services have been carefully designed to integrate easily and to interoperate with existing email technologies.

DOQEX® EMAIL can act as a simple mail relay, whilst you select the additional features your organisation requires.

Faster project with DOQEX API

Faster Projects

Ditch the hassle of creating your own secure file sharing routines.

By using the DOQEX® API, you set aside the effort of creating file transfer mechanisms leaving you to concentrate upon the core features of your application.

Doqex API playground

API Playground

Getting your code up and running is fast and easy with the API Playground.

DOQEX® includes a playground space where you can explore the API.

With syntax assistance and full documentation, the playground enables rapid testing and development.

API Support

Trusted Support

Our developer support packages ensures that features can be offered to your users without threatening project resources or budgets.

From telephone support to developer workshops and fully collaborative projects, there's no better place for expert assistance.

DOQEX scalable projects

No limits

DOQEX® nodes and virtual machine appliances are easily extended.

The DOQEX® platfrom presents no limits to file sizes or data storage, you are only bounded by the resources you make available to the service.

DOQEX® is fully extensible
User, Service and Gateway APIs ensure all features are available

All APIs are available with every service package from DOQEX® Premier upwards.

User API
System API
Email Gateway API
API Playground

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