About DOQEX®
Your Security • Our Business

DOQEX is designed and built by the security experts at Panoplia Labs in Yorkshire, England.

Our DOQEX technology;

  • enables any organisation or individual to transfer electronic data securely.
  • is ideal for legal contracts, financial records, medical records, tax records, payroll, product designs, research results, source code, licence keys, passwords, photographs; any electronic asset that holds value for you or your organisation.
  • employs a unique methodology to ensure your data is handled, delivered and destroyed securely, with full integrity and full audit trail of every action.
  • provides the highest assurance that all technical and operational means available have been deployed to protect you and your customers.

Security is in everything we do - you can trust DOQEX.

4 Layers of Encryption

Multiple layers of strong encryption are used within DOQEX®to protect your data.

Meticulous attention is paid to key and storage management. All your data and the decryption keys themselves go through multiple encryption processes before they ever reach disk.

The same attention is paid to data destruction, where multi-pass shredding is used.

The Human Factor

When thinking about security, you can't ignore the weakest element - users!

Panoplia Labs consultants have over 20 years of professional security testing experience, so we understand the failings of users and the social engineering techniques used against us.

The unique methodology of DOQEX® is designed to protect users from common mistakes.

Rest assurred - we've got your back!

Audit and Control

We believe a fundamental component of good security is a comprehensive audit trail.

This is why DOQEX logs every action made by users and every process where data is changed.

An audit trail is no good hidden away either, which is why every user can view their own audit trail.

With notifications available at every stage and extensive administrator controls, you're in control.

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