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5 benefits to being single

All businesses could do with a big KISS. Traditionally the acronym means “Keep It Simple, Stupid” but we prefer “Keep It Simple and Secure”.

This principle was brought to mind by the fact that nearly a month after the security issue with Fortinet Firewalls, the report via Ars [1] from Bishop Fox is that nearly 70% remain vulnerable and demonstrably exploitable [2].

The extent of patching inertia is not helped by there being 5 different active code branches across the product range, something which we work really hard to avoid.

Why? Well, we’ve picked out 5 reasons why a single monolithic codebase and SaaS delivery model delivers the best customer’s experience; there are many more.

1. Uniform Experience.

Whether you’re a customer integrating a feature via the DOQEX API, or a customer creating instructions or documenting workflow processes, the fact there is a uniform experience across all devices and platforms is a huge time saver for everyone. Besides, it’s makes for a less confusing user experience, the human condition often finds change unsettling, being consistent is nicer.

2. Stronger User Support.

A single codebase simplifies the support process, especially when new features are introduced or a new bug is introduced. Support agents are more familiar with the codebase and can understand the impact of new changes on existing functionality and can follow standardized processes and procedures. Responses are more consistent and informed, if we see an issue only with one customer we can quickly dive into client-side configuration issues and remediation.

3. Efficient Service Maintenance.

Super-fast security response, faster bug-fixes, faster feature roll-outs, consistent issue resolution. The devOps team has a simpler task in keeping services up-to-date meaning the risk of data breaches is reduced and the impact of bugs and patches are minimised.

4. Flexible Service Management.

Whether due to a new feature, configuration change or a change to workflow demand, DOQEX services will rapidly respond to changes. Elastic resource allocation is more effective and predictable since the operational performance demands are well-known. Customers experience better service availability, more flexibility and a simpler and more efficient process for managing change.

5. Compliance with Regulations and Standards.

A single codebase allows security tests, certifications and assurances to apply everywhere and benefit everyone. The process of gaining assurance that a service is compliant is fast, simple and unambiguous. This saves our customers time, builds trust and avoids potential penalties.