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We move sensitive data
Secure document exchanges for Data Controllers

No credit cards, no hassle!

Security doesn't have to be hard

When security is hard or inconvenient users avoid the hassle.  For you there’s constant stress over losing data, email is a pain, you’ve more risks than controls, time before the next audit is short and budgets even more so!

Gain control and simplify

With your own private exchange data movements are controlled from one place, you’re organised and on top of things, users have the tools to get on with their jobs, there’s a state of calm confidence and trust.


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Trusted around the world

When information must be kept private

DOQEX protects all your data movements with a private secure document exchange service.

Whatever the data and whoever you need to share it with DOQEX provides an easy, flexible, trusted service.

When compliance and trust are essential

Trust DOQEX to support your GDPR / AVG journey and earn the confidence of your customers, partners and auditors.       

Built with ISO27001 compliance principles and an evidence quality, indelible audit trail, DOQEX provides simple trusted mechanisms to deliver and demonstrate GDPR compliance.

Trusted around the globe