Secure email and file transfers

Private encrypted project platforms
Branded secure file transfers

Solve email and file sharing problems
If it's data, and you need to share it, DOQEX® can help

Doqex beats Dropbox security

The Dropbox Problem

Consumer cloud services are a major risk for your organisation.

Security, safe harbour and data controls are all in doubt.

Regain control and audit the data leaving your organisation without compromising features.

DOQEX® leaves nothing to chance.

Multi-agency security

Multi-Agency Problem

Enable secure collaboration between partners, providers and project stakeholders.

Create secure data rooms, project and public folders.

Easy project control over assets, permissions, storage and retention.

DOQEX secure replacement for FTP


Ditch the hassle of managing multiple un-trusted, insecure and awkward technologies.

DOQEX allows you to consolidate FTP, email, web portals and external clouds into a private, secure and branded platform.

Enjoy your own scalable, branded, private cloud service

In House

Deploy a private file sharing service with DOQEX® Nodes.

Resolve data residency issues by hosting within your own environment or renting services from us within a choice of UK data centres.

Available as virtual machines or physical appliances, just add platforms and we'll do the rest.

Your Brand

Your brand is an important trust mechanism, so don't dilute it.

DOQEX® allows you to retain control of your brands and communications.

Retain your own domain and seamlessly configure email signatures and certificates.

Branding is available with PREMIER, ENTERPRISE and In-House services.

DOQEX scales to handle any enterprise

DOQEX® will scale to meet the needs of any enterprise.

With options for pre-configured high availability, load balancing and clustered datastores, DOQEX® has the power to deliver a stable, secure service.

Roll your own applications using the API and leave DOQEX® to do the work of secure document exchange.

Trusted around the world
Whatever your industry - DOQEX® protects



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