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Simplify Security
Protect your Customers. Protect your Brand.
Secure your Peace of Mind.

Secure your Workflows

DOQEX exchanges improve efficiency, compliance and security.

Whatever the data, wherever it needs to go.

Our Vision - Love Your Data

DOQEX are data experts, cyber security geeks and helpful hackers.

The DOQEX vision is where everyone loves their data.

DOQEX services are fully managed by experts.  We protect your brand. We protect your reputation. Why take risks when handling sensitive data? 

Step into a safer, better connected world with DOQEX.

What is DOQEX?

DOQEX is a software service – it connects you with your customers. Safely and Confidently.

DOQEX is set up differently. Independent, agile and trusted around the world by everyone from local governments to leading global brands, we make being secure simple.

Every week - DOQEX protects

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Trusted around the world

A few words from our customers

"DOQEX was selected as a cost-effective solution that both met Benenden's secure data sharing requirements whilst completely preserving our brand identity."
Andrew Radi
Group CIO
"The firearms unit are proud and happy to work with DOQEX to develop the skills and tactics that help keep us secure and safe."
Ian Hughes
National Firearms Instructor
"We spent 6 months trying to get Microsoft to do what we wanted and 6 months trying to stop doing what we didn't want. DOQEX had it all sorted in an afternoon."
Matt Holmes
IT Manager
"DOQEX allows us to exchange patient referral data both with our service delivery partners and major customers. Automatically securing email via DOQEX eliminated compliance issues and promoted customer confidence."
Michael Goodman
Information Security Officer
"DOQEX's quick setup of our branded data portal solved numerous workflow headaches and continues to save the division significant operational and audit overhead. "
John Pierce
Head of Region
"DOQEX's openness and technical approach played a huge part in helping us to improve and certify our DOQEX powered services to our customers and regulators."
Victoria Cotterill
Information Security Lead